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Re: Drake 2880 Fine Tuning (corrections)

Hi everyone,
One of the members of this list has pointed out a major error in my last
posting.  I had mistakenly thought that Dove was on 2400.221 MHz, but it's
actually on 2401.221 MHz!  The result is that despite the tuning error and
doppler, the IF frequency will still be in band, not below the band as I'd
originally stated.  I haven't checked the doppler, but I suspect that it may
be an issue for P3D analog, but if the other birds are any indication, there's
not a lot of activity on the lower band edges anyway.

The antenna mentioned should have been a Lance 21, not a Conifer 21.  Conifer
is the brand of the pre-amp, not the antenna I'm using.

Sorry for any confusion caused by these inaccuracies.  I guess I should avoid
doing my testing and posting when I'm half asleep!

John Oppen, KJ6HZ