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RE: Coax for Drake Downconverters

Tim Picket wrote:
>This question is for the guys who have the drake downconverter working. I
>just received my order, and I wanted to ask. Did you run 75 ohm coax from
>the downconverter/pre-amp to the rig in the shack, then convert over to 50
>ohm for the radio? Or did you convert it at the downconverter, and run 50
>ohm down to the shack. I'm wondering the best why to connect the 75 ohm
>output to my 50 ohm rig??? Thanks... 73...

>Tim Pickett
>Michigan Amsat Area Coordinator

And the right answer is... don't worry about it! Run whatever you've got. I
stuck a couple of F's on some RG58 (50 ohm) coax and off it goes. Remember
that a 50 to 75 ohm mismatch is only a 1.5:1 SWR, and at those low power
levels, the loss associated with that SWR is so low as to be not readily
measureable. And also remember, a dish mounted, consumer device like this
has to be designed to be bullet proof. Keeps warantee claims down.

Have fun,