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Re: APRS/MIR pass 1 no-go

On Tue, 10 Mar 1998, Bill Jones wrote:
> I hope I am wrong, but my "guess" would be that there were so many
> stations on running APRS... that MIR never got a chance to transmit....

Nope, R0MIR was QRT during the test.  Besides usually on MIR, there are
tens of dozens of people trying to connect to MIR using one packet every
10 seconds.  (APRS stations will operate at only 5% of this rate).  A
prior analysis published here of a typical MIR pass shows on a typical
pass there were 262 packets, 11 stations successfully got a conneect
acknowledge, but only 2 got the BBS prompt and none completed any BBS
commands.  All of this took 164 packets of which 35 were dupes and 129
were just the overhead of getting the user logged on.  Meantime there were
88 connect-rej or Busy packets and 11 UI's.  During this test, the
objective is to replace the useless 88 conect requests with simple
one-liner's that convey more interesting information...

Stay tuned tonight!