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[Fwd: 9600baud questions....]

Argh.  I keep replying instead of sending to amsat-bb.

Yeah, this helps.  Quite frankly, I realize that it's all 
madness at some level, you know. For me, dropping a grand+ or so 
to chat on a BBS -- I'm completely comfortable with this.  But, 
I feel like I want to know that the things aren't either completely 
dead -- or impossibly busy.  

I just signed a programming contract, so I have good money 
coming in this year. So, I figure I'm good for some ham radio 
expansion sometime late this year. 

Jim Dawdy wrote:
> There is a traffic jam, but its not too bad.  The software automatically
> puts you in a queue and when it its your turn sends your file up or asks
> for a chunk of a file you want.  If you don't get everything (usually
> only with big files) it picks up where it left off on the next pass.
Hmm, so it sounds like the station, once you get everthing set up
almost runs itself?  Is that the rhythm of it?  Do you go over
to the computer each day to read the messages off of the satelite?