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Re: APRS/MIR pass 1 no-go

> Nothing heard on the 1455z pass.  R0MIR was
> working on the prior pass at 1325z.  Donno what
> happened.  Stay tuned for the next pass at 1630z
> on 10 Mar over USA...  de WB4APR

I hope I am wrong, but my "guess" would be that
there were so many stations on running the APRS
software that the MIR never got a chance to
transmit.  On the prior pass, most everyone on was
running manually, many sending out APRS style
packets, but not actually running the APRS
software.  I would really like to see a second
experiment where those who ran the APRS software
turned off transmit, and only received, and those
who wanted to transmit, did so manually, thus
eliminating the overhead of unnecessary
transmissions. Actually, there are enough people
who encode their UNP packets in a format
recognizable to APRS to have made the experiment a
success without any additional stations running
the APRS software.
    The use of the APRS format 
over sats like MIR has great potential in terms of
attracting interest to the "hobby" (or "service"
for those who like that word better), but I think
it will work better on sats if the APRS software
is used only for monitoring.

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