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Re: 9600baud questions....

> Im working getting a station together for the 9600 baud birds. I have 2
> scenarios to go with...
> 1. Use my Icom IC251a and IC471h. I know both radios can be modified for
> high speed packet. Can these radios be controlled by the G3RUH modem in
> my 1270cq tnc??
> 2. Use the FT726r.
> I have NO experience on the 9600 birds yet. If anyone uses any of these
> radios or tnc for 9600 pacsats, PLEASE send me any input or advice on
> which setup to use.

I currently use the FT-726R for 9600 downlink only.  I use a separate
20-year old 2-meter FM mobile rig for my uplink, and haven't tried using
the 726 for an uplink yet. (There are just TOO MANY things going on, and
I haven't had time to give it a whirl.)

The 726R works okay, although my scope displays an eye diagram that isn't
very open at its center due to some high frequency roll-off.  I'm not sure
whether this a result of my discriminator tap-off point selection or just
the bandwidth of the receiver's IF filters.

The 726R cannot be computer controlled.

73, de John, KD2BD

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