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I believe that it is the Icom interface that allows another radio to be 
tuned, khz for khz, if you tune the IC706, and vice versa.  The radios 
will 'track' each other.  The idea is to have one radio on 2  meters and 
the other on 70 CM or 10M or ..., etc.  

I wrote a program for the CI-V interface that does the same thing if you 
have a computer and the Icom CI-V interface, or it's much less 
inexpensive imitations (see QST magazine).  You are welcome to the 
program if you like.  It also uploads and downloads the memories from the 
Icom radios, which is the main reason I wrote it.  If you have a radio 
with a thousand memory locations, like the ICR9000 has, then you really 
appreciate the program.  73,

John W. Wilson, KN4HX

On Sun, 8 Mar 1998, Matt J Cassarino wrote:

> Hello-
> I was reading the accessories available for my IC-706, pondering 
> whether it may one day serve as a Mode V portion, and noted a CT-16 
> satellte interface among the accessories. Does anyone know hat it is 
> and does ? 73 Matt WV1K