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9600baud questions....

Im working getting a station together for the 9600 baud birds. I have 2
scenarios to go with...

1. Use my Icom IC251a and IC471h. I know both radios can be modified for
high speed packet. Can these radios be controlled by the G3RUH modem in
my 1270cq tnc??

2. Use the FT726r.

I have NO experience on the 9600 birds yet. If anyone uses any of these
radios or tnc for 9600 pacsats, PLEASE send me any input or advice on
which setup to use. The antennaes are 12el k1fo for 2m, 44el cp k1fo for
435. Preamp mounted on the tower. All antennaes are controlled by the
Gemini ORBIT 360 rotors.

Thanks in advance,