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At 04:46 PM 3/6/98 EST, you wrote:
>Hi All. Just read Ken Ernandes' (N2WWD) article in CQ VHF.  Thanks Ken!
> Ken mentioned that the  South African satellite SUNSAT will be launched
>on March 8, this Sunday. Concidering the lead time required to get a
>magazine printed, I was wondering if  there has been any change in the
>launch time? I haven't seen anything mentioned on this BBS or the AMSAT
>news bulletins.
> It's encouraging to see that we've got so many amateur radio related
>birds in the works. That SAPPHIRE bird with the imaging system using 1200
>AFSK really sounds great.
> Once again Thanks Ken. Great article. 73 de Doug KA8QCU

Hello Doug and the rest. 

Looks like SUNSAT and the rest of that launch is currently scheduled for Aug
27. Here is what I have in the files right now.

Aug 27	USAF ARGOS		Delta II (7925)	VAFB SLC2
	RSA SUNSAT		Delta II (7925)	VAFB SLC2
	Danish Orsted		Delta II (7925)	VAFB SLC2

73 de N5FPW,

Larry Van Horn
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Satellite Times magazine

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