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Re: Need a signal on 2.4 Ghz

Wayne Grove wrote:

> I need time saving information on the best way to check out my new 2.4 Ghz
> antenna and downconverter.
> Which Satellite should I point this baby at ??
> What can I hope to hear besides sizzle noises....  ?
> Wayne  K9SLQ
> k9slq@parlorcity.com
> Satellite Operator's Photo Album    (Send your photo today!)
> http://www.parlorcity.com/k9slq

  Hih Wayne - I regularly check mine out using Dove - the KCTT/FT736
combination is a little slow on the doppler tracking but it does tell me that
the downconverter (not drake) and the tracking system are working well and the
antenna is aligned. I am using the latest version of WISP and it works well -
previous versions do not!.
73 de Robin VE3FRH