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Re: Satellite gear?

HURDER_BYRON_C@cat.com wrote:

> Hey gang:
> In trying to get set up for satellite (and terrestrial, for that matter)
> packet operation after a few years of being off, I see that:
> 1.  The high end AEA TNCs (DSP-2232 type) are not available, nor are the
> maybe-soon-to-be Timewave Technologies versions.
> 2.  PacComm no longer sells the TNC-NB96/PSK-1 combo.
> So what *is* available any more, in the way of off-the-shelf stuff?
> Lacking that, anybody got a used set of AEA or PacComm gadgets hanging
> on, no longer used, and perhaps available for sale?
> 73
> Luck Hurder, KY1T
> KY1T@amsat.org

  Hi Luck,
I see in the Norham (Canada) catalog that the timewave DSP2232 units are
listed for $699 cdn or about $500 U.S.
their web address is www.norham.com and e-Mail norham@fox.nstn.ca

I hope this is some help

73 de Robin VE3FRH