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Re: LOG programs for satellite

Along the same lines as Jim Kelly's response [below], you should probably 
give the user a way to manually update the DXCC database.

73, Ken N2WWD

At 07:46 3/8/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Willmott, Paul wrote:
>> A logging function is planned for Station 2, please send me a list of
>> your requirements so that I can make sure that the design includes all
>> that you require.
>Hi Paul,
>For many satellite ops, the "Electronic 2nd OP" by KL7GRF logging and
>DXCC tracking program, was "state of the art" while it was being
>supported by its author. Unfortunately, the support ended several years
>However, the features of this program, which was largely _targeted
>specifically to satellite users and DX chasers_ are so good that I
>suspect many people like myself are still using it even though it is out
>of date in terms of its DXCC country database, etc. 
>I'm not sure how many of the 2nd Op logging and tracking features you
>would want to incorporate into _The Station_, but here are the some of
>the features that are important to me:
>1. DXCC tracking 
>2. Accurate DXCC countries database
>3. Accurate satellite database
>4. Complete modes database (frequency uplink-downlink pairs)
>5. The ability to print reports and labels
>	- contacts
>	- countries worked
>	- countries worked, not confirmed
>	- countries needed
>	- satellite and mode variables for all reports 
>6. Data import capability from other logging programs, especially from
>the 2nd OP.
>7. Win95 based (2nd Op is DOS-based although it runs under WIndows 3.1 &

Ken Ernandes