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Re: LOG programs for satellite

Willmott, Paul wrote:

> A logging function is planned for Station 2, please send me a list of
> your requirements so that I can make sure that the design includes all
> that you require.

Hi Paul,

For many satellite ops, the "Electronic 2nd OP" by KL7GRF logging and
DXCC tracking program, was "state of the art" while it was being
supported by its author. Unfortunately, the support ended several years

However, the features of this program, which was largely _targeted
specifically to satellite users and DX chasers_ are so good that I
suspect many people like myself are still using it even though it is out
of date in terms of its DXCC country database, etc. 

I'm not sure how many of the 2nd Op logging and tracking features you
would want to incorporate into _The Station_, but here are the some of
the features that are important to me:

1. DXCC tracking 
2. Accurate DXCC countries database
3. Accurate satellite database
4. Complete modes database (frequency uplink-downlink pairs)
5. The ability to print reports and labels
	- contacts
	- countries worked
	- countries worked, not confirmed
	- countries needed
	- satellite and mode variables for all reports 
6. Data import capability from other logging programs, especially from
the 2nd OP.
7. Win95 based (2nd Op is DOS-based although it runs under WIndows 3.1 &

I'm sure that there are many other desirable features, e.g. VUCC
tracking, etc. Perhaps others will contribute their ideas.


Jim Kelly, KK3K

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