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Choosing DSP .


Does anybody have some experience in using some DSP from
Timewawe DSP line,especially DSP-599ZX?
I'm interesting mainly in SSB weak work and talking with
some hams arround here they says about take care to consider
buying the 599zx (a bit expensive indeed) because they got
better results on QRN reduction with the small and more
cheap DSP-9 (?).

Intended to investigate quickly for more info I visited the web
page of Timewave and readings the comments of some customers
it seems wonderful ,but everything appears (If it's allowed 
to say) a bit subjetive.
My only experience with Timewave was a time ago with a DSP-59+.
I remembered it seems work fine CW signals but I suffered some
disappointed with SSB.There was a noticeable lag in this mode
and sometimes the final audio signal result not very "legible".
Autonotch feature is outstanding.

Experimented users says this lag is due firstly for the speed
of the processor(The DSP-59+ is not the faster of the series,
Timewawe stated the fastest is 599zx),but who says.
DSP theory says that the efectivity is generally better with CW than SSB
signals because the pattern of human voice is some more complex
(and randomly) to process properly.

So,any comments will be welcomed.

Regards everybody,

abenjuda @ redsat.satlink.net

E-mail: abenjuda@redsat.satlink.net
Buenos Aires - Argentina