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Need No-Code Tech Satellite User for Hamvention

Hi All,

I am producing another 2 hour "Ham Radio Open Town Meeting" to be held at the
1998 Dayton Hamvention on Sunday May 17 as both a forum and a live to the
Internet in RealAudio "Netcast."  

One of the topics deals with the accomlishments of "no-code Technician" class
radio amateurs in the various facets of our hobby in the world above 50 MHz.
One of the subjects I would like to have a person talk on is the ease of
satellite operation by anyone with a Technician class or higher license.  

AMSAT President Bill Tynan W3XO suggested that I post this idea.  I need to
know if there are any present or former no-code Tech's who are articulate
speakers involved in satellite communications, and who will be attending
Hamvention '98 (May 15-16-17) who might want to spend about 10 minutes giving
an overview of how to hold QSO through a ham satellite.

If you are interested, please contact me by private e-mail to
billwa6itf@aol.com with your name, phone number and -- if possible -- a short

PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND OVER THE REMALER as I do not want to tie it up with this
somewhat off-topic discussion.

Thanks and 73 

Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF / Newsline