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RE: Lance21/Conifer Preamp report

        I also bought the Lance 21 antenna and preamp; mine is the same as
John described (but my antenna was new).
For the technofreaks out there, I did swept measurements on both. Results:
        The preamp exhibited about 9db gain but was remarkably flat from 2
to 3 GHz. Quite useable on 2400. I did not measure the noise figure since I
cannnot do absolute measurements (that really mean anything). Literature
attached says ~1.5db NF. Not wonderful but useable. I do like the power
cable arrangement that John described. Very convenient.
        The antenna exhibited a rather strange return loss characteristic,
in that the return loss varies (oscillates) up and down from 6 to 15 db
depending on frequency. It too is quite broadbanded and is useable from 2
to 3 GHz. The f/d is ~.35. It did remind me of a narrow (smaller) Myers
        On the bench, both appear useable  and an excellent value for the
bucks. The Drake converter also works well.