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AMSAT make the NY Times

Congratulations to AMSAT VP, Keith Baker, who was featured in an
excellent (and large!  Nearly half page!) story on Amateur Radio that
appeared in today's (Mar. 5) New York Times -- page D9 in the National
Edition.  This was excellent press for ham radio in general and for
AMSAT in particular.  It was well-written, almost completely accurate,
and exceptionally positive.  The URLs for the ARRL and AMSAT web sites
were both included in the article.  And Keith's smiling countenance
dominates it all in living black-and-white (wearing the AMSAT shirt was
a nice touch!).  Kudos to any AMSAT PR volunteers who helped get the
story placed.
Mark D. Johns, K0MDJ (formerly WA0RGV) Cedar Falls, Iowa     EN32sm