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Lance21/Conifer Preamp report

          Lance 21 Antenna
                        The Lance 21 Antenna looks very close
to the Bob Myers BBQ Grill Antenna. It measures 35"
long,15" wide and 12" deep. The feed point is the same
square boom with a plastic Radome at the end containing
the feed. This radome has an aluminum plate secured
with two screws. the rear of the feedpoint has a 3' RG-8U
cable with N connector. The antenna looked like it saw 
about 3 to 6 months of weather then removed from service.

     Conifer PA-1033 Preamp
                      The preamp came new in a plastic bag with
a Spec page that claimed 10 db gain,Noise fig 1.5 db typ
and 2100 to 2700MHZ bandwith. The RF in connector is
a female N and the RF out connector is a Male N. This
made it easy to mount it directly on the Drake converter.
A very nice feature that Conifer included is an F connector
for "Signal and Power" in and an F for Signal and Power
out. This enables you to run the coax from the 736r to the 
S and P out connector while the S and P in connector
goes to the Drake F connector. Now when you turn on the
preamp switch on the 736r you are powering the converter and the preamp.
The preamp pulls only 20ma. Case size abt 21/2" by 11/4".

     On Air Test...Dove Beacon 2.4 GHZ
    The only other 2.4 Ghz antenna I have used is the B.Myers BBQ
grill antenna that I borrowed from a friend so I will compare
to that. I mounted the preamp directly on the converter and
both to the rear flange of the Lance 21 antenna with "Station"
program controlling the radio. I have the antenna and electronics
in my hands in the radio shack and was doing antenna tracking
manually. At the 10:06pm EST pass the dove beacon was S9 at its
strongest. The same converter on the B.Myers BBQ Grill antenna without
the preamp was S3-S4 at its strongest. I am now hearing The
Beacon so well that I can hear the modulation below the carrier.

   All in All I am very happy with the preamp antenna combo.
I did notice now with the preamp my noise level is S2 instead
of S0 to S1 without it. The preamp comes in a weather proof
box while the antenna comes with all mounting hardware.

 available from: Comnet....Ant.-25.00...Preamp-25.00


Note: I am not afiliated with Comnet. Just a happy customer.