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More Picture's needed!

QST QST Calling all Satellite Operators

Several Top high traffic Amateur Radio Satellite Sites have pledged to link
Album Page,  however,  a more impressive response is needed get this off and
running.  So, please do not delay send your photo in today!

I am presently preparing  a PHOTO ALBUM of satellite operators on my
Internet page.  Submit your GIF or JPEG format photo via e-mail to me


You will eventually find your photo and that of your comrades at:

Plus links to this page on easy accessible Satellite interest pages if you
act now!

If you do not have means to capture a computer graphic file you can send a
snap shot print to me and I will scan it.  Do not to forget to include your
name, callsign and e-mail address.    Send photo to:

Wayne Grove K9SLQ
1025 W. Lancaster St.
Bluffton, IN  46714