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Re: radios

There is a mailing list devoted to this radio (and similar) called
Cat-Xcvr@QTH.Net and you can subscribe online at: http://www.qth.net

I do know that one fellow there is presently writing a review for one of
the amateur radio magazines.

>  Has anyone played with the Kachina 505DSP ? Did you have computer hash
>and trash ? Birdies ?
>    If so what did you do to get rid of them ?
>    Could you have different boards  i.e.:  sound board, KC T&T, phone
>modem in the computer at the same time, with out having computer hash
>and trash or birdies?

"I was firing it up into a dummy load and a guy from 
Lithuania who was using a crystal set and a grid-dip 
oscillator gave me a 20-over 599 report."
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