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Re: 847/736

Andrew Kissack wrote:

> It would seem that most people that are thinking about the 847 are moving
> from the the FT-736.
> Irrespective of how good the 847 would appear to be on paper, or in reality
> for those already with one. It still seems to me that Yaesu are phasing out
> a good VHF radio (one that does need updating) and replacing it with one
> that does not cover the band(s) the 736 did, and judging by what others are
> saying, there is other important factors being left out.

Is Yaesu really phasing out the 736?  The latest Yaesu ad in the March
issue of
CQ Magazine has the 736 shown along with the new 847.

There seem to be a number of 736 owners who are selling their rigs
lately.  I'm
not sure that I would.

A lot has been said about lack of 23cm coverage, or the ability to
easily connect
to a transverter for that band.  The thing I'd miss is the 220 MHz
coverage.  Of
course, this may be more critical here in southern California than
elsewhere in the
US, since there is quite a bit of 220 activity here, both weak signal
and repeater.

The only possible improvement I could see in the 736 is the ability to
configure it
"a la carte," as it were.  That is, since I have 6m and 2m coverage
already on my
IC-706, I would like to buy the 736 with 220 MHz, 70cm and 23 cm only. 
I have to take a 2m band that is redundant, but I'd still prefer having
the 736.

73 de Jim - AD6CW