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23 cm xmit converter design question

Hello to all Sat Experimenters,

I am currently designing a transmit-only converter that uses the
frequency pair of 434 MHz in, 1269 MHz out. The LO frequency chosen so
far is 1703 MHz. 

I have that bad feeling that I may be missing something here. Can
anybody see any difficulty in using these frequencies? My initial mixing
products calculations seem to show that it is practical. The only close
call is the third harmonic of 432 MHz which is 1296 MHz, but the mixer
specs put it 60dB down. 

I thought I had read something on amsat-bb about difficulties in
designing 23 cm converters in the past. Can anybody refresh my memory?

Thanks, 73s

Bert, VE2ZAZ
Laval, Quebec, Canada
Amsat #27668