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Re: ic251a questions...

>Any problems with an icom 251a I should be aware of??


   The only indemic problem you should be aware of is that the
   switching 115AC power supply is a high-probability failure
   item.....since you can still operate it from 12 VDC
   (and I believe it was an extra option)  , most all of
   the people I know who lost that supply removed it rather than
   fixed it.   Also, it does have phase noise limitations; but all
   in all not a bad radio if it can be had for a good price.
   You might want to check on the availablility of the freq. display
   'tube' especially if it looks weak. They should be in the $40 
   range. If the radio was on for years at a time, as was mine, it
   will require replacement. 
   Occassionally the tuning dial "sticks" due to dust in the photo-
   chopper dial arrangement, not a "real" hard fix.

   Good Luck!
   Kermit W9XA