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Re: FT-847

Subject: FT-847

Andy GD0TEP says:

I assume that the true VHF'er really wants is a rig that will
cover 6m to 23cm (or higher?) with everything for satellites
and EME etc.

Gee Andy I suppose I'm not a true VHF'er, more of a "duffer" to use a golf
term.  I like having a play at working the Sats and like to keep things
simple.  I suppose a lots of folks like to have to work hard at working the
birds, I tend to not get as much fun from the chase as I do from having a go
at actually working them.  But that's the way it goes for some folks and
maybe we are not "true" to chase, but that's OK and that's the market I
suppose the FT 847 is going for is us "duffers".  :)  Hmmm wonder what one
of the beasts cost ? If I sold my TS 440, and by FT 736, I might be able to
get it past the budget minister (XYL) :).

Respectfully Submitted for the "duffers".


Steve N6CRR