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Re: FT-847 (transverter port)

"Ronald K. Long" <rlong@osu.edu> writes,

>>some peoples eyes, but what happened to the VHF radio
>>that covered 23cm? the FT-847 won't!
>Maybe this is not such a big deal. Down East Microwave promises a 144 MHz
>to 1.2 GHz transmit-only converter for about $400 with an output power of

It _is_ a big deal for this reason - Yaesu has evidently CHOSEN not to put
a transverter port on the FT847. This means you now have to deal with 50
watts of RF to somehow get rid of when you convert from 2 meters to 1296
(or whatever other choice microwave band you like). It's a simple, 
inexpensive thing (a transverter port) but the designers must have decided
they'd rather leave it out. The DEM transverter and most others take just
a few milliwatts of RF drive; building something to pad out the excess
power could work, but would be much more expensive than a transverter
port, expose the transverter to high RF if it (the pad) didn't work right,
and you would have the real potential of leakage at 2 M or wherever if
a cable or connector wasn't quite right (you can hear a few milliwatts of
leakage over quite a distance on VHF/UHF bands!)

So I say boooooooo to Yaesu for leaving this out.

73 Dave WB0GAZ dgf@netcom.com