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Re: FT-847

At 08:26 PM 3/1/98 -0500, Andrew Kissack wrote:
>Replacing the FT-736 with the FT-847 might be good in
>some peoples eyes, but what happened to the VHF radio
>that covered 23cm? the FT-847 won't!

Maybe this is not such a big deal. Down East Microwave promises a 144 MHz
to 1.2 GHz transmit-only converter for about $400 with an output power of
20 W. A 1.2 module for a ft-736 is $619. It is 10 W and it is stuck in your
shack whereas the separate converter can be mounted at a distance. For 2.4
GHz receive there is the Drake converter with output on 430 MHz band, as
well as a kit available in UK also with 430 output. I don't know the power
input requirements of the Down East unit but I think I can figure out how
to deal with the higher power of a "conventional" 144/430 satellite radio.
Maybe all I need do is feed the transmit converter with lossy coax and
mount it near the antenna. Voila! 20 W right at the antenna. 

ron, w8gus.