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QSL Cards Available

Hi All,
I have printed up a batch of QSL cards. If I own you a card, then please
e-mail me back with contact information to verify, and I'll get one out to
you asap. If you haven't made contact with me before, and would like a card
catch me on one of the birds! ha ha. Here is a list of cards that went out
today. If you are on this list you need not send a reply e-mail. Thanks, and
sorry for the delay on the cards for those who was waiting...

Mailed today:
KC6SZY - Joe - AO10 Contact
K3LTM - Bruce - RS12 Contact
N1XAU - Bridget - AO27 Contact
N1HHQ - Frank - AO27 Contact
W8ZCF - Farrell - AO27 Contact
K5MFA - Willie - AO10 Contact
K5MFA - Willie - AO13 Contact
KG2IC - Bruce - FO29 Contact
N7SFI - Randy - AO27 Contact
WB8OTH - Perry - Contact thru MIR
WB9AVW - Carl - RS12 Contact


Tim Pickett
Michigan Amsat Area Coordinator