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Re: G3AAJ Honored

Kiriat Ono, 1 Mar. 998


Hon. Secretary   F. Southwell  G6ZRU      
Editor  "Oscar News
40 Downsview, Small Dole, 
                       W. Sussex. BN5 9YB
United Kingdom

                                 Tel Aviv,  01 March 1998

Dear  OM F. Southwell  G6ZRU

On behalf of the Israel Amateur Radio Club, allow me to convey our 
congratulations, and best wishes to Ron Broadbent, G3AAJ, when he was honored by 
the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) for "advances in space communication".
Certainly Ron's long service to the members of Amsat-UK and others in the field 
of Communication, is outstanding and well deserved.
We wish Ron all the best, and hope that he may be involved as yet in many more 
projects in years  to come.

                  With best 73 & Shalom

        	              Joseph Obstfeld,  4X6KJ    
                              Honorary  President of  I.A.R.C.
Tel/Fax: 972 3 534 6049	      Membership  Services
E-mail:   josepho@shani.net   I.A.R.U. Liaison Officer

                        Best 73's & Shalom
Joseph Obstfeld  4X6KJ          Honorary President of I.A.R.C. 
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