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Re: SASI sattracker parallel port problem

Hi Tom,
I use the SASI myself. I have a canon printer that uses a program called
"The windows printing system" I must go into the printer config, and shutoff
the printer port for the printer before using the SASI or the tracker will
get bad commands from the printing system, in addition to my nova tracking
program. But once I'm done witht he SASI, and want to print something I
return the printing system back to the lpt1 port, and reboot my system. Then
the printer works just fine again... I don't know if this helps you, or not.
But wanted to let you know what I have to do on my end... 73...

Tim Pickett
Michigan Amsat Area Coordinator

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From: charles calder <oldtom@gtelco.net>
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Date: Sunday, March 01, 1998 11:24 AM
Subject: SASI sattracker parallel port problem

>I have been using the SASI sattracker for several years and have been
>very pleased with its operation.I do however have a problem that I hope
>that  other SASI users may be able to help with.I have found that after
>the SASI device has been used on a particular parrallel port that port
>will no longer support a printer.I have found this to be true using two
>different computers,three different parallel ports,and two different
>printers.I have tried every different BIOS set up config.change  that
>you can think of.I would be interested to know what BIOS parallel modes
>other uses have found will work with the SASI device.I will very much
>appreciate any suggestions or comments.Thank you in