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Re: Unimpressed!

Awfully sorry to hear that Jerry.  My reply note is only to share
that I too have taken a great deal of heat trying to get something done as
a coordinator.  The big cities, LA in my case, have a brand of sarcasm
very difficulty to understand.  All I can do is share your feelings.
Cliff K7RR

On Sun, 1 Mar 1998, Jerry Smyth N8ULU wrote:

> I just wanted to thank all the AO-27 users who made the folks in Detroit
> using the satellite gateway feel so welcome with their unconstructive
> sarcastic comments.   You have managed to alienate them and ruin 2 years
> worth of my work trying to promote satellite operations in Southeast
> Michigan.  I have for years explained how great the folks on satellites
> are.  "Nothing like HF" I said.  Well today sounded more like the 80 meter
> good old boys net.  Very impressive!  I apologize to all  in this group who
> have manners and act like ladies and gentlemen,  but  I could not let this
> behavior go without saying anything.  The leader of the pack is a Area
> Coordinator for AMSAT too.  Makes me ashamed to say I'm one.  
> Thanks!
> Jerry N8ULU