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Re: Mode A Mumblings

 Gary "Joe" Mayfield wrote:

> >
> > > I don't know about you, but I've never seen a beginner's shack
> > > that had a 2m SSB radio in it...
> >
> > They are becoming very common here.  Many/most beginers in the U.S. have no code licenses.
> > A two meter SSB rig is generally purchased before an HF rig by these folks.  They also generally
> > own a shortwave receiver.

I am 1 of the new hams who supposedly owns a 2m ssb rig, I do not own 1. I do however own an RCI 2970
that I currently use to monitor mode a downlinks & a htx-202 with a 30w amp for the uplink, I like
many of the other new codeless techs I know am limited by cost. Hence the reason for the 2970, It lets
me get on mode a birds
 + gives me the option of getting on 10 meter when I pass my 5wpm (hopefully next week) .

The setup I have seen the most of is a 10meter rig  (2950/70 : uniden 2510 : emeror 5010)
 with a transverter (usualy less money than 2m mobile if you look hard enough).

Mode A birds offer more than just an inexpensive means of getting into sat's they also offer
 practice in copying code in a less than ideal environment.
It would be a shame to discontinue planning of new mode a birds, as they are 1 of the primary
reasons I got into ham in the first place.
KC7YPJ, Ryan Dorman