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Re: Mode A Mumblings

Gary "Joe" Mayfield wrote:
> > I don't know about you, but I've never seen a beginner's shack
> > that had a 2m SSB radio in it...
> They are becoming very common here.  Many/most beginers in the U.S. have no code licenses.
> A two meter SSB rig is generally purchased before an HF rig by these folks.  They also generally
> own a shortwave receiver.

What is it?  IC-706's.  I suspect they've sold a pile of these.  Though everyone seems
to use them for 10M SSB and 2M FM.  


Btw, speaking of future satellites, is there any chance of getting a more
serious camera up?  What does it take to get resolutions, say, in the 50ft
per pixel kind of level?  Maybe some kind of ham radio setup where we could
program it from the ground to do aerial shots of the home town or of 
disaster areas or something. Just a thought.   Is this huge bucks?  
Or is it possible with small satellites?