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Los Angeles AMSAT Rep


    I would like to contact the AMSAT Representative in the
 Los Angeles, CA area or some individuals that are actively
 involved in Satellite operations.

    The APRSQSY issue needs their support and I would like to
 have an individual attend the next TASMA Technical Committee
 meeting on March 10.  On February 10, the Simplex ATV Group,
 who presently have use of 144.390, along with Wally (N6CDJ)
 and I presented this issue.  We mentioned AMSAT and the
 problem that using APRS on 145.790 might pose to Satellite
 operations on 145.800.  At their March meeting, I would like
 to be able to show some support of this issue by AMSAT.


     Jim Keck, N6HNY