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Crystals and Drake MMDS downconverter

Hello all!

A group buy of crystals for the Drake MMDS Downconverter was done a few
months ago. That time I decided to order more crystals than needed. When I
posted again a message on January saying that I had a few crystals left, I
received requests to have more crystals available.

I decided to order more crystals... so I have now another set of crystals,
in case some of you are looking for it!

Cristals are 8.81250MHz HC45 (smaller than HC49 to fit the cabinet without
bending) and with 10ppm frequency stability.

Each cristal costed/cost $12 USD. Shipping will be $1 USD for regular mail
or $2 USD for registered mail, worldwide (i rather ship it registered!).

If there are people interested, please email me (campos@mail.ua.pt).


Paulo, CT1EFS