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Re: Mode A: necessary? sufficient?

At 13:35 27/02/1998 -0800, Laura wrote:

>I submit that the frequency of operation is irrelevant: what
>is needed is education and outreach, to dismantle the widely
>held belief that satellite operation is the expensive,
>incomprehensible pastime of a technological elite.

Absolutely correct. The frequency of operation is irrelevant. Mode A is as
valid as mode S and no less challenging. Not better, not worse, just

If AMSAT is to remain relevant, the whole spread must somehow be covered,
from "A" to "X" and beyond. Mode A provides enjoyment for those such as
myself who have very little time or money to spend on our hobby, Mode S and
beyond provides a significant technical challenge for those who want that
from the hobby!

To each his own..not better...etc.

		73 de VK2XCI. Voice of The Edge of The Outback.
	               Norm at Mount Hope. QF27wd