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Re: Mode A: necessary? sufficient?

It appears that there is an interest in Mode A but is not related
directly to flying satellites.  Why not convert this interest to something
that can be done locally and with involvement of local individuals?
     A number of us have made a Mode A translator and placed that unit on
a local mountaintop.  It is weak, and it flutters as an orbiting satellite
would and it is sometimes hard to work---just like a satellite.
     As in mode A, some of the individuals who normally could not work the
bird can be visited and shown the ropes.  After this treatment, that same
individual is a devoted supporter.
     So the message is this:  Bring together a group with ONE local,
talented ham who can direct activities and build you own Mode A !!!! 
Yeah, yeah, I know all the excuses starting with why in hell does WISP
not run and all the computer BS, but getting back to fundamentals is
possible.  It takes one old guy that was around before all the computer
garbage showed up on the scene and made things difficult!!  Cliff K7RR