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Your #1 place for computer hardware and software deals!

Would you like some CableTV with your PC?!
->Cable TV for Your Computer                                 from $1.00

Maybe some tunes?
->FM Radio Tuner Card for your PC                         from $1.00

Check these deals out!
 TOSHIBA DVD-ROM DRIVE                                 from $41.00
 Rewritable Optical Drive(6X IDE)                           from $51.00

 Dell Multisync 20'' Sony Trinitron Monitor                 from $451.00
 AmpView 14'' .28mm NI SVGA Color Monitor          from $41.00
 AmpView 15'' .28mm NI SVGA Color Monitor          from $91.00
 AmpView 17'' .28mm NI SVGA Color Monitor          from $151.00

Hard Drives:
 Fujitsu 9.1GB Fast SCSI-2 HDD                              from $201.00
 Hawk 4 Seagate 4.3Gig SCSI-2                              from $141.00

 4 Disk CD Changer(8X IDE)                                    from $41.00
 Sanyo CD-ROM Drive(8X IDE)                                from $21.00
 Hitachi 7730 (4X IDE)                                              from $11.00

 3D Hardware Wavetable with Amplified Spkrs       from $21.00
 Multimedia Stereo Keyboard                                  from $6.00
 Logitech WingMan Warrior Joystick                      from $6.00
 Logitech WingMan Extreme Digital Joystick          from $6.00
 Duplex 3D Wavetable Sound Card                        from $6.00

 MS Office Pro 97 Full Version!!                              from $56.00
 MS Windows95(USb)                                             from $41.00

 30-bit Color Flatbed Scanner                                 from $11.00
 PageScan Color Professional Scanner                  from $21.00
 LOGITECH PageScan Color Scanner                   from $11.00

 56Kbps Internal Fax/Data Modem(X2 compatible) from $41.00
 SCSI CD-ROM Case                                                from $6.00
 Mini-Tower Case(250 Watt)                                     from $11.00
 Pentium Pro ATX motherboard                                from $21.00
 75MHz to 233MHz Pentium/MMX PnP Mboard     from $31.00
 3D 4mb 128-bit PCI Video Card                              from $61.00

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