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Re: LOG programs for satellite

i use pda's logic 5. it has a place for satellite mode of operation 
and for the satellite name. i also have been tracking vucc (grid 
square awards), dxcc and worked all states with it.

i set the software up so that the frequency of the satellite is 
listed as a 'band'. then when i work someone, the computer which is 
connected to the radio will look up the frequency i am operating on 
and log the correct satellite and mode in the log for me. 

i then customized the qsl card routine so that it prints
'confirming our two way contact on 145.90MHz Mode B on AO10'
'confirming our two way contact on 436.800MHz Mode J on AO27'

you can look at a demo version of it  http://www.hosenose.com

i have been using the software for 4 years now and helped make 
suggestions for this current version for satellite operators.

you might also look at a copy of nova for windows. i have never used 
it so i don't know all the things it is capable of doing.


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