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Re: No More Mode "A" Please.

In a message dated 98-02-25 21:04:26 EST, you write:

 > Btw, I don't understand how R2/12 interferes with Oscar 10?  I thought 
 > Oscar 10 was 2 meters downlink?  I'd think you'd have have a neighbor
 > talking into RS/12 -- which isn't that likely, is it?
 In an urban area like this, it is.  I've met a few satellite folks this
 way.  If my receiver overloads, I can just tune up above 145.910, and I
 usually find somebody calling CQ RS-12.  :-) >>

OK, have you helped them develope a better antenna system, so that more of the
power is radiated in the desired (upward) direction, and less interfers with
your reception?

Charles S. Krin, DO FAAFP
Member, PGBFH