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Re: Copy of: RE: Drake downconverters

Yes indeed Ed, I overlooked that 7.68 MHz crystal!  The 20 pf capacity is
just right as well.  For the others, the Digi-Key part number is:
ECS-76.8 20-1    It is a HC-49 holder.  Cliff K7RR

On Tue, 24 Feb 1998, Ed Krome (K9EK) wrote:

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> From:   Ed Krome (K9EK), 71611,76
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> DATE:   2/24/98 9:38 PM
> RE:     Copy of: RE: Drake downconverters
> Converting the Drake converter to 434 MHz IF? Yup; it was so easy and cheap
> ($1.38 for the crystal from Digi-Key; I had the 10pf chip) I couldn't
> believe it. I haven't used it on the air yet, but on the test gear it looks
> just fine. I will post stuff after it actually hears somethng :-)
> Ed K9EK
> S-band nut