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Re: No More Mode "A" Please.

jjensen wrote:
> Brook, as I read your comments below, two of your points stand out that are
> of significance in this discussion...  You mention that "Like many new
> hams, I had limited resources..."
> You also mention that HF operators are attracted to the RS birds... OK, you
> didn't put it quite that nicely, but that's the substance of it.  Both are
> excellent reasons to continue supporting Mode A's and the like.  We need
> the support that these types of operations generate.
> I too enjoy satellite operation due in part to the calibre of ham that can
> be found on the birds.  This because a certain amount of expertise is
> required to operate via satellite.  But to support the more "exotic" forms
> of satellite communication, we need to keep the "rank and file" interested.

Yeah, I keep hearing this.  I'm a pre-wanna-be, I'd say, and I'm on HF --
never used sats.  Anyway, part of the problem with HF SSB is that some
guys have a few too many drinks before going on the air.  I wonder
if all that satellite tracking and doppler business is the ham radio
equivalent of touching your nose with your fingers. 


Btw, I don't understand how R2/12 interferes with Oscar 10?  I thought 
Oscar 10 was 2 meters downlink?  I'd think you'd have have a neighbor
talking into RS/12 -- which isn't that likely, is it?