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Re[2]: No More Mode "A" Please.

I am new to satellite communications I have used my HF rig to work with
RS12 sat and have made a few contacts but find the short passes and limited
range to be a little anticlimatic I can tald the same distance simplex
using HF.  I believe Phase 3D is going to be farther out which will make
contact range and duration much better.  I have 2 hf rigs and am wondering
what the least expensive way to work the Phase 3D satellite will be.  I
have visited the AMSAT-NA web page and have the list of uplink and downlink
frequencies and notice the drake down converter.  Will the Comnet
downconverter, preamp, and "Grill" antenna be adequate with my HF rig for
the downlink? and will the antenna need to be on a elev./azim. rotator
controlled by a computer?  Also I see the Uplink showing 15meters but the
freq. is on 50 kc wide as opposed to the 250kc for the remaing uplink bands
and the 250kc on all downlink bands. Will my 15meter HF be usable as an
uplink? Also does anyone have a program that what be able to control 2 Icom
HF rigs to work the satellites.  I have the Ic-751 and am picking up a 730
which I didn;t thind to ask but hope will use the ux14 for computer

Terry AB8AL

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Subject: Re: No More Mode "A" Please.
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N8OCX wrote a jeremiad which included:

> It just shows that there are a lot of HF operators that are
> Satellite operator Wanna-Be's.

At some time or other *everyone* is a "Wanna-Be", and "Mode A" is
a good vehicle to whet their interest.

You admit that you yourself were first drawn in by this mode, but
now that *you* have *moved up*, screw those damned "Wanna-Be's"?

73, de Hans, K0HB

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