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JW9PJA Dxpedition

Greetings all....

This is just a confirmation that the information just released in the AMSAT (ANS-053.04) bulletin about the SVALBARD DXPEDITION is no longer accurate. The bulletin read in part:

         Carlos Ferreira, LA9PJA, is currently planning amateur activity from Svalbard (JQ78), late this month. Using the callsign                           JW9PJA,  satellite, 6 meter and high frequency operation is scheduled.  Operational dates have been confirmed as February                   25th through 28th. 
Carlos, LA9PJA announced today (here on the BB) that due to unexpected weather conditions,  travel in the Svalbard area is unfortunately not advised at this time. Carlos has terminated his plans to activate JW9PJA  for now, possibly rescheduling for a better time with the incentive of adding more equipment and operators.

More information can be found at the following URL:


            Thank you and 73,

           Daniel  (Dan) James
           Amateur callsign: NN0DJ
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           Warroad, Minnesota U.S.A.
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