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******** URGENT *********** URGENT *********** URGENT ************

Hei too all agn.

Today has been one of those days I don't wish even to my worst enemy, hi...

After shortly sent you the last e-mail and started to packet all my radio
stuff, got a call from my Airline company, the message was,

We advise you not to travel this time up to Svalbard has it is very dificult
for us to come donw to Oslo agn, reason is that it has been to litlle snow
in norway and all turist have been going up to JW were there's plenty of it
still, so has we have free tickets I decided ti wait untill one next time,
and maybe take some more equipment and operators to operate more sat's.

I'm very sorry guys, but I'm not taking any chance in staying in JW for days
without coming back to main land, as I have to work Monday 3/3-98 morning.

This is my decision only and I take all the responsbility for this action,
and if there is any comment abt this please tell me, either good or bad, I
will take it with a smilling face.

Ivar-LC3SAT and I have been all day trying any solution but it was too risky
to go to JW rigth now, sorry again and I will do my best to make it up to
you later on, we are not giving up, but it is very dificult at the time to
just come to Oslo from JW, too many turists and too litle flights.


Well cuagn.

73 de,

LA9PJA - Carlos Ferreira

+ + + + +      RADIO AMATEUR STATION     + + + + +
Name:           Carlos Ferreira - LA9PJA
Snail Mail:    Johan Bjerknes vei 5 B, N-3039 Drammen, Norway
Phone:          32-80 13 37
E-mail:          la9pja@online.no
Website:       http://home.sol.no/~la9pja/
JW-site:        http://home.sol.no/~la9pja/jw97/
LA9XR:          http://home.sol.no/~ihaanes/la9xr.htm
DX-cluster:   LA9PJA@LA8Z-6 (Kongsberg) 144.825 MHz.
LA9XR - Heggedal RU-15 Rx: 434.975 / Tx: 433.375 MHz. 
LA9DR - Drammen U-5     Rx: 434.725 / Tx: 433.125 MHz.
LA5DR - Drammen R-5     Rx: 145.725 / Tx: 145.125 MHz.
HF Frq.: 28.500 USB (everydays.)

+ + + + +     INFO MGR LA9XR - Repeater     + + + + +
                          * * * * *   73   * * * * *