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Getting Drake converters to VK6

Hi All,

I have been following with interest the thread on getting Drake 2880
downconverters to operate (rx) on the amateur 2.4GHz band.  I have already
set about purchasing three crystals, and have enquired about getting three
Drake units into Australia.

Shahna at Comnet advises that it will cost the following to ship 3 units to
Perth in Western Australia;
      UPS Express:    $137 plus customs (will take about 4 days)
      Postal:         $57 (not sure about customs) (could take up to 2 weeks)

Using UPS, shipping costs more than the units!

A couple of questions;

1.  Can anyone suggest a better way of getting the units into VK6?  (eg
perhaps cheaper to send 3 separate packages?)

2.  The three units are for me (VK6KCH), Ralph VK6KRB and Kev VK6KQ.  Are
there any other amateurs who would like to share in the cost of getting
units into Perth?  (Please be aware that there may be added costs of import
duty, sales tax and customs duty to pay!...  shame these can't be turned
into second hand units :-)  )

Going the postal route, it looks like three sets of equipment will be US$170
(inc XTALS), or about A$90 each.

Thanks for your time, 73 

Chris VK6KCH
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