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JW - Sat Tomorow.....

Hei to all.

This is my last e-mail to you for this week, I will be back next week so I hope.

I've just spoke to LC3SAT - Ivar who is in charge of Satelites afairs and
just received confirmation on SAT RS-12 mode A up on 2m Down on 10m, maybe I
will operate on mode K , up 15m Down 10m. if there is enough Radios, we have
trouble with radio stuff, too heavy trip, hi....

Ivar as only Classe C license and he can only operate above 50 MHz so he
will make most of the QSO's so I can take HF and SSTV / RTTY....

Just got also info that the place we staying at as little radio equipment,
so it makes our operation even more dificult as Ivar-LC3SAT has a pain on
his Back from a earlyer enjuree, so we won't be able to take as much radio
equipment as we tought at the begining, so sorry again guys.

Also there has been a question of AO-10 and Ivar says sorry this time no
possible, maybe next year 1999 ?

Well see you all agn and good luck.

JW operation:

RS-12 mode A + K




50 MHz ????? if good condx.......

we will be on the air around 16:00 / 17:00 UTC

73 to all

73 de,

LA9PJA - Carlos Ferreira

+ + + + +      RADIO AMATEUR STATION     + + + + +
Name:           Carlos Ferreira - LA9PJA
Snail Mail:    Johan Bjerknes vei 5 B, N-3039 Drammen, Norway
Phone:          32-80 13 37
E-mail:          la9pja@online.no
Website:       http://home.sol.no/~la9pja/
JW-site:        http://home.sol.no/~la9pja/jw97/
LA9XR:          http://home.sol.no/~ihaanes/la9xr.htm
DX-cluster:   LA9PJA@LA8Z-6 (Kongsberg) 144.825 MHz.
LA9XR - Heggedal RU-15 Rx: 434.975 / Tx: 433.375 MHz. 
LA9DR - Drammen U-5     Rx: 434.725 / Tx: 433.125 MHz.
LA5DR - Drammen R-5     Rx: 145.725 / Tx: 145.125 MHz.
HF Frq.: 28.500 USB (everydays.)

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