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Re: Help. Call Sign needed

John Heath (100675.3601@compuserve.com) said this:

> Need to find the call for a recently licensed ham
> Adrian Carnes
> 3870 Red Doc Road
> Lancaster
> SC 29720
> Need his call to put on his Sputnik Award.


It isn't showing up in any of the latest Callbook listings online and it
might not for awhile. See this announcement from the ARRL:

The FCC's Amateur Radio licensing computer system is down, and, at this point, no
one knows when it will be up and running again. The computer system failed February
10. Sources at the FCC attribute the situation to a combination of problems. The
FCC's computer system has failed before, but not for this long. 

The situation affecting the FCC's Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, office, has frustrated
those who have been hoping to learn their new call signs or updated licensing
status. On-line public FCC databases on the Internet also have been affected. A
spokesman at Gettysburg said no paper or electronic applications had been processed
since the computer system stopped functioning a week ago. 

The FCC indicated to ARRL/VEC earlier this week that it had not yet been able to
resolve the problems but would let Volunteer Examiner Coordinators know when the
system was back on line. In the meantime, VECs were asked to not file any Amateur
Radio applications.

Vy 73, 
jeffrey davis, n9avg