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Flexnet/DSP on sat

Hi all

Just wondered if anyone is using the Flexnet package, or soundcards on any
Sat. I've been trying out the drivers for Flexnet, and they work fine on
normal packet.

So I was thinking....

What an easy way to get access to the Pacsats, and possibly many other Sats.

There must be someone out there who can write similar software to enable
cheap access to various sats. After all most of us have a PC with a
soundcard, usually something with DSP that emulates a Soundblaster.

If so, surely it would be a better revenue stream for Amsat, than software
that requires a dedicated piece of hardware like a TNC.

I would be more than pleased to pay a fee for for a program that can decode
the various types of Sat Up/Downlinks.

Wouldn't that make it easy for most of us to give the digital Sats a try ?

Anyone else thinking along the same lines ?

Or have I missed something ?


(Back after a long break, and enjoying trying all that space comms has to