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APRS users in the state of Wisconsin will stop using the 145.790Mhz
experimental use frequency and QSY (change frequency) to 144.390Mhz
for APRS use on or as soon as possible after March 1 1998.

This date was taken as a suggestion from the announcement that TAPR in
Tucson Arizona is planning their QSY on this same date.

As there is no "Official" APRS governing body in Wisconsin, I, as an
AMSAT Area Coordinator have undertaken to organize an information and
opinion gathering campaign among the major APRS users within my state.
The data I received was 100% in favor of the QSY, the only question
was how to decide when this would take place.

A discussion was held between the major APRS WIDE node owners in SE
Wisconsin (N9UUR-10 & KE9QU-8) and an agreement was made to go with
the TAPR date. The sense of the local users was that "as the nodes go
we will follow".

In the Milwaukee area, there is an adhoc APRS users group, it is an
offshoot of Milwaukee/Waukesha ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service).
This group meet to discuss this issue and has agreed to the plan.

In the Madison area, information was released and gathered on local 2
meter Nets, and via E-Mail, again the plan meet with general approval.
I note with great thanks the assistance of Bruce, WA2DEU for taking
the lead in communicating with the Madison area APRS users.

There is very little APRS use in Wisconsin beyond these two large
metropolitan areas.

I would also wish to apologize at this point to any Wisconsin APRS
user who has not been contacted or consulted on this issue, it is
purely accidental. Please contact me if you wish at any time.

We would also encourage other APRS users in the states around
Wisconsin to engage in discussion on this issue, and to expedite their
QSY to the new APRS frequency. It is hoped that our move on the March
1 date will stimulate others to act as soon as possible. Having two
APRS frequencies in use is not our intent, and we are not planning any
"Gateway" nodes to bridge between the two.

I am also available to discuss, or provide further information on this
issue. Please contact me as you feel is necessary.  I would also wish
to thank the many Hams whom I have talked to and learned from on this
issue over the last few months.

Gary Bargholz  N9UUR
AMSAT AREA 9 Coordinator
Treasurer - The Milwaukee Repeater Club   146.910Mhz
APRS Node N9UUR-10 Owner and User