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Ham Sats

Did I overlook something?  A few days ago I received the Amsat Journal.
It was full of a lot of technical materials that was way over my head.
I understand that ever issue will not have interesting items that will
please everyone. How could they not mention anything about Ham sats that
will be launched as early as March 8 and July 1998?

The CQ/VHF March issue arrived yesterday and had a good article on 6
LEO Amateur sats that are in the building stage.

ASUSAT                 Launch mid 1998
Maelle Summary    1999
Pansat                    Pending
Sapphire                Pending
Sedsat                   July 1998
Sunsat                   March 1998

These sats have a big variety of frequencies that will fit into ever
ones needs. The article covers what frequencies each sat will have which

Linear and FM  Voice
AFSK,  Pacsat,  High Speed---Packet
Spread Spectrum
Digital  Imaging

Bert   N7TKO
Gold Bar, WA
Amsat  24279